Ok, here we continue…

One new adventure has been Mountain Races (Sleepy Hollow and Loon Mountain) – I’m loving the challenge of the mountains, relishing the mid-race singletracks and struggling with the 10k-ish distance. Since tackling the 50k, I’m finding that my body takes anywhere from 4 to 6 miles to warm up. Next up on my to-do list… learning how to warm up BEFORE races!

Another 10k-ish struggle race for me was my first women-only event, the Dirty Girl Trail Race. I went out strong, got off-course with a couple other runners, and then felt my energy dive down.  Unfortunately, frustration with not enjoying my favorite type of running terrain (technical, elevation, single-track!) dominated this race. On the other hand, I loved the women-focused atmosphere that came with the day.  The post-race beer was even brewed by one of the participants – Nicole of Garrison City Beerworks! It was called 6 Miles of Mud, a raspberry chocolate porter brewed specially for this race. Oh, and I almost forgot, my mom surprised me at the finish!


I also went on two longer mountain adventures with my friend Josh. I’ll let him tell the story of the Presi Traverse (check out his blog here:OfMountainsAndMiles), but long story short we attempted to time our arrival at Mt. Washington with the early finishers of the Mt Washington Road Race, failed but still had a blast, saw some friends and mostly hiked the remainder of the trail. We also recently ran/hiked a Franconia Ridge Loop – got a little off course, had to do an out-an-back, and came down a trail that is strongly advised against.  With both adventures, we made it home safe, later than expected, but happy as ever!

Another PC: Josh Fields


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to jump in on some race course marking for my buddy Tom’s upcoming stage race, Ragged 75 – a 3-day event along the Sunapee-Kearsage-Ragged Greenway in Western NH.  It’s always fun to see the behind-the-scenes, but the best part of this was catching up with the guys I met last year crewing at the Vermont 100 mile race (which happens to be this weekend!).  Last year, I offered last-minute to help out with crewing, and Tom put me with Andy & Charlie to crew Shana to her successful finish.  We met and almost immediately spent 30 hours together navigating the back roads of Vermont. If that doesn’t turn you into trail “family,” I don’t know what does!

Speaking of the Vermont 100, the last adventure I wanted to share was pacing my friend Sheedy for the final 20 miles of the Pineland Farms 50 mile race. He ran it as a training run for his upcoming 100k race at Vermont 100. I went up early, saw him and the other runners off (including my friend Heather who used this race as her qualifier for the 100 miler this weekend!), relaxed in our crew tent for a bit, then joined John. He rocked it, and even challenged me around mile 46 when he picked up the pace a bit! Following his and Heather’s finishes, we stuck around to see two more of our crew tough it out and finish their first 50 milers with less than an hour to spare. Beasts, all of them!

Ok, I think those are most of the updates I missed. Off to crew and pace at the VT100 races. It’s a rainy Friday, but hopefully the next two days bring some clearer weather!



❤ Weeze