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Running Into Life

Perspective Gains

No joke, I have 10 blog drafts in the queue, waiting to be finished. I *promise* they will be. But first, I had an insight to share.  Hopefully a quick one today. Cliche, but... what a difference a year makes.... Continue Reading →


Unwind at 10,000

So, I'm not sure those weekly recaps are ever going to materialize. Perhaps in some form or another, but not as I originally envisioned. Oh well. That in itself is part of the journey. Instead, I figured I would share... Continue Reading →

Who’s The Real Dirtbag?

Still me. But also the person who stole my phone in Yellowstone. It's surprising how quickly you forget that you are in fact a tourist and that tourists are targets.  Having lived in Boston for years, maybe I'd become complacent... Continue Reading →

Rewind: Spring Highlights 2

Ok, here we continue... One new adventure has been Mountain Races (Sleepy Hollow and Loon Mountain) – I’m loving the challenge of the mountains, relishing the mid-race singletracks and struggling with the 10k-ish distance. Since tackling the 50k, I’m finding... Continue Reading →

Rewind: Spring Highlights 1

Attempting another quick recap. I’m more excited about theme-based writing, but giving a rundown of my favorite adventures of the past few months allows me to put them aside and only look forward. Does anyone else understand that release of... Continue Reading →

No More Sandwiches (or how #DirtbagSummer came to be)…

Wow, my last update was a while ago! As I mentioned, I was struggling through a tough spot and focusing on keeping busy socially to get through the last 10 weeks of work. Seriously, who gives 10 weeks notice?! I... Continue Reading →

Running On Empty

Or is it too full? I was about a mile into my run last Saturday when I noticed hunger pains I hadn't experienced in what felt like ages. Apparently, a return to my pre-training diet didn't come with a decrease... Continue Reading →

Race or Run: Why The Ultra?

So, after saying I was setting no goals this year, I hit a goal that has been over three and a half years in the making.  I. Am. An. Ultramarathoner.  More about that in the next post. I can finally... Continue Reading →

And….Baby time!

Whelp, training officially got off track this week. Between the returning frigid temps and my tattoo, I ran a total of 12 miles with one spin session and one yoga class. But it doesn't matter a whole ton, because at... Continue Reading →

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